Ashwini Ayurvedic Medical College & Research Centre, Tumakuru.

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Sl No. Title Attachments Download
34 Permission Letter 2023-24 af297b608264646570ab71a7b2f83b41.pdf
33 PRINCIPAL & CMO PROFILE 800c6aa0ddfc88dc0fce1753cb3db8f4.pdf
32 Permission Letter 2022-23 974f618f0d89a0f2fc20c9f14ed6052b.pdf
31 UNIVERSITY DETAILS a19f1378f586b3e9782389a1a9019b76.pdf
30 Important Links c8ddf466916461b46d4bb9d0722682dc.pdf
29 Permission Letter 2021-22 458ae25ae8fab0e2c3e2ba73d109f518.pdf
28 Permission Letter 2020-21 3f944a2ae6e466ff7563f72c0820aa36.pdf
26 RECOGNITION OF COURSES b2557362b20681bdf3ef6cc09ff6169b.pdf
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