Ashwini Ayurvedic Medical College & Research Centre, Tumakuru.

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Post Graduation Courses

The course is designed to give participants a foundation in the principles and practice of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is inherently a science of self-healing and as such the course requires that students undertake it in that spirit. The teaching of the course involves both theoretical and practical learning in order to help students develop into the essence of this ancient healing tradition.

Four P.G Specialties started from the Academic year 2013-14 and 03 more specialties commenced from 2015-16.

Seven P.G. Specialties and available seats are:

1. M.D. in Kayachikitsa(AYURVEDA VACHASPATI) with 05 seats

2. M.D. in Panchakarma(AYURVEDA VACHASPATI) with 05 seats

3. M.D. in Dravyaguna (AYURVEDA VACHASPATI) with 05 seats

4. M.S. in Shalakya Tantra (AYURVEDA DHANWANTARI) with 05 seats

5. M.S. in Shalya Tantra(AYURVEDA DHANWANTARI) with 05 seats

6. M.D. in Shareera Kriya(AYURVEDA VACHASPATI) with 05 seats

7. M.D. in Swasthavritta (AYURVEDA VACHASPATI) with 05 seats

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